The Sunday 7: Mom Hacks and Jeans

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07 May 2017 -

1. I’m so happy to have our gang back together this weekend!

I’ve had a month of one health problem after another and had to bow out of our family trip. We decided Syd should go anyways for a few days of surfing and decompressing while I got some quality time with the girls. We enjoyed every minute of the warm weather that finally arrived!

2. The chambray skirt you see above?

I love it. And it also comes in the cutest gingham print. Similar shirt for a steal is from here.

3. I love being a mom, but sometimes it can be hard!

I had the honor of sharing one of my tried and tested mom hacks in this cute book. You’ve heard me say this before, but dance parties save lives at our house!

4. Speaking of motherhood, mom jeans are cool again (size up).

But are they cool if you’re actually a mom? I’m not sure, but I’m doing it anyways. Also, these flats have my whole heart.

5. Have you seen this kitchen makeover from the New Darlings?!

I was stoked to see our cute check towel and cement brush holder front and center!

6. I’m really inspired by this entire house.

And while a $24 million dollar estate isn’t exactly a reality for many people, there’s a lot of inspiration to be gleaned from the design. I really loved that it had a modern vibe, but upon closer inspection there were quite a few traditional elements.

Design by Tamara Magel and Photos by Rikki Snyder


We will be launching pillows on McGee & Co. this week! And guess what else? We’re working on launching wallpaper soon!!!

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07 May 2017