The Sunday 7 (on a Monday)

My weekly Sunday 7 post (on a Monday)!

15 May 2017 -

1. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so I gave myself the gift of a break!

It was awesome. I still call my mom once a day even just to chit chat about what we ate for lunch – I’m grateful that she is my bff and I hope to continue to build that same type of relationship with our girls through the years ahead.

2. The skirt above is a new spring favorite.

It’s girly and simple all at the same time – I’m obsessed!

3. I am always drawn to classic black front doors, but lately I find myself loving the idea of a natural or bleached wood.

4. We launched our new line of SM textiles last week!

From the inspiration phase to getting the printed colors juuuuust right, every batch is a true labor of love. I’m particularly excited about the fact that we tried something new and printed the watercolor plaid on a natural linen instead of white. The birch is subtle and beautiful. Although I don’t like to play favorites it might be my favorite. It pairs so well with the leatherbatik and floral for that eclectic, but still pulled together style I love so much.

5. I never wear heels.

Well, that’s a lie. I wear them to church or for an event here and there, but they’re definitely not part of my weekday rotation. Something came over me this weekend and I bought heels! Plus, they’re on sale right now! And just like interiors, I love the chestnut and navy.

6. We shared our Austin, TX project last week here and here.

We received tons of questions about where to purchase this Ancient Alphabet artwork which I totally get because it’s really great!

7. We hit 30,000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel this week!

Are you subscribed?! We’ve been consistently posting videos once a week (which was a lofty goal we set awhile back) and it has been really fun to see our videos grow up and evolve.

Date Posted
15 May 2017