Last Chance: 20% Off Rugs at McGee & Co.
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Last Chance: 20% Off Rugs at McGee & Co.

(Now closed) Last day to get 20% off rugs at McGee & Co.!

It's no secret we love rugs! We use them to anchor the space, add color and pattern, create comfort, and to bring all the elements in the room together. Now until Monday, we're giving you guys 20% off rugs from McGee & Co.! Use code MUSTHAVE! 

We use McGee & Co. rugs in almost all of our projects. Here are some of our favorites! Click on the photo to shop the rug. 

Venice Rug in Ivory & Tan

Miramar Rug

Joliet Rug

Hudson Rug 

Annecy Rug

Cocchi Rug

Zama Rug 

Numa Rug

Cairo Rug  

Hamilton Rug 

Birmingham Rug

Masinissa Rug 

Massena Rug

Groves Rug

Sullivan Rug 

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Studio McGee
  1. I’m trying to select a rug, but I’m stumped on size and placement under bed. What size rug is best for a king size bed? How do you recommend positioning the rug under the bed?

    1. Hi Sandy! We recommend placing an 8 x 10 size under a King! You want the rug to sit in front of the nightstands (about 2/3 of the bed).

  2. Love your stuff! I’m about to move into a new place, with a pretty small bedroom (12×10) and I have a queen bed. Can you recommend a rug size?

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