Our Favorite Designer Secrets

Learn a couple of our favorite design tips and tricks.

20 March 2017 -

There are lots of details that make a big difference in any design project, and it’s not easy to figure out by yourself.

We’re revealing our most used tips and tricks to make sure you don’t miss out!

1. Create your own paint color

You don’t have to stick with the swatch the paint store gives you.  For a softer, more muted color, you can reduce a color’s strength by asking for the color by percentages. We used Benjamin Moore “Sleigh Bells” cut at 50% for the master suite in our Windsong Project.

2. Buy inserts larger than the pillow cover

When purchasing pillow inserts, we always get them an inch or two larger than the pillow cover. This will give them a fuller look, making them easier to style.

From our Windsong Project

3. Line your drapery

Whether you have custom drapes or not, make sure they’re lined.  Your drapes will hang better and look more expensive.

From our Haddonfield Project

From our Country Club Traditional Project

4. Add a vintage piece

Adding one vintage item to a space is a must! Little pieces of history make a space look more collected and unique.  In our Modern Mountain Home we used a vintage runner in the kitchen to add some color, texture and character. We also added some vintage pieces in the build in to create a collected look.

From our Cove Street Project

5. Mix upholstery

We don’t ever use matching sofa sets when decorating indoors. Break it up by mixing style and upholstery! It makes a room much more interesting and customizable.  We love how this linen love-seat paired with a classic cognac leather sofa lightens up the Vineyard Street family room.

Date Posted
20 March 2017