Trends We Love: Wire Mesh Cabinets
03/07 Design Tips

Trends We Love: Wire Mesh Cabinets

Why we can't get enough of wire mesh cabinets!

Wire mesh cabinets are a trend we are loving right now! It instantly creates texture and architectural detail while exposing the silhouettes of your favorite dish-ware, linens, etc. It combines the fun of open shelving while making things a little less exposed and less cluttered. 

Traditionally, the style looks a little more rustic, but recently we've seen it in a variety of styles. From modern to industrial, the style works in a variety of designs! 

From the Windsong Project 

An alternative to glass cabinets or open shelving, wire mesh cabinets open up your kitchen and break up the monotonous look of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. 

Photo from Better Homes and Garden

Add small details in an unexpected way with wire mesh!

Design by Tim Barber Ltd Architecture  

Design by Frank Ponterio

Traditionally, you'd associate wire mesh with a country look. However, the shiny patterns add sleek pattern and shine, which can easily work for a modern glam design.

Design by Cyndy Cantley

Design by Andrew Howard Interior Design

Design by Thom Filicia

Design by Carla Smith 

Design by Emily Henderson


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Studio McGee
  1. Can you clarify if there is only the wire in these- or is there glass AND wire? Jus the other day I had the bright idea of changing out the glass in our wall unit/tv cab to wire but wondered if the dust in there would be a problem1

  2. Love this look! Thanks for sharing. Kitchen-related question: Do you see stainless steel appliances going out of style anytime soon? I notice your clients often have them so I’m guessing that’s a no…

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