How to Warm Up your Kitchen

Kitchens are the center of the home, so we love to make them warm and bright!

15 February 2017 -

There’s nothing more inviting than a lived-in kitchen — at least to us!

Homeowners that look like they know how to throw together a home-cooked meal never have a sterile, cold looking kitchen. It’s always warm, friendly, and full of personality. We are passionate about this topic! We’ve given tips before in our webisode on kitchen styling and are back at it again with new products from McGee & Co.

Add texture and color with a runner by your kitchen sink.

Use kitchen towels to add a little pattern to your kitchen. We used our favorite extra large bowl to add a deep color on the island.

You want the fill the counters without it looking stuff or overdone. We prefer to use functional items as decor and place them where they are easy to access.

We often put a fresh plant next to our sink. In this kitchen, we decided to switch things up and use the plant and a bowl as bookends for cook books!

A crock next to the stove is a must. The texture of this hand-made crock with a dipped glaze is gorgeous!

In almost every install, we use our hand-crafted beechwood spoons. They have cute details and always come in handy!

These leather barstools are wildly popular for a reason (seriously, like at least one client a week requests them) — leather adds a lot of warmth, texture, and all the good things for making a space feel inviting!

We fill our canisters with ingredients that we use regularly. It does double duty as a pretty display, plus it makes them easy to access!

Cake stands add levels and make a beautiful display!

Date Posted
15 February 2017