Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store
02/21 Design Tips

Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store

We picked out our favorite roller shades, roman shades and drapery, woven wood shades, and patterned fabric from The Shade Store!

We’re working with The Shade Store on a new project that will be debuting soon as a webisode!

The home is a complete transformation! Typically when people move into a new space, one of the costs people forget to factor in are window treatments. But they make a huge difference and instantly impact a space!

Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store

The Shade Store makes buying new custom window treatments so simple. You pick out swatches of what you want to see and they send them to you for free within 2-3 business days. Then you measure (of have your space measured), buy what you need, and install it! We’ve used them before in one of our favorite projects, the Midway House!

Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store
Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store
Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming webisode! All the window treatments are from The Shade Store. Even in an empty home, you can see how much warm the roman shades add to the space!

Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store

We’ve picked a few of our favorite roller shades, wovens, and romans!

Our Favorite Picks from The Shade Store
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Studio McGee
  1. Thanks for sharing all of your picks! For the first photo and the photo featuring the window seat (second from bottom) are they the same woven wood shade? It looks like the Hampton from your picks, but wanted to confirm. Thanks so much in advance!

    1. The one in the window seat pic is no longer available but it’s really close to the Hampton 2 which is the one in the upcoming webisode image!

  2. I just moved into a new build and need window treatments. I love the look of both shutters and shades and I’m struggling to decide what to use. I’m wondering if I can do shutters on the front windows of the house and shades in bedrooms and kitchen or is it best to stay with one type of window treatment throughout the house?

    1. We used The shade Store about five years ago to replace treatments in our entire home and we did not use the same treatments throughout. You will find based on the amount of sunlight & privacy you want that it will vary from room to room.

  3. Roller or roman shades? Are these cordless as well? Which to you recommend? Love the Hampton 2…need shades for our brand new house! Lots of white 🙂

  4. A suggestion for a future post that would be great is on wood floors, options for engineered and stains for on site finished. Every space you do I love the floors. We are in the process of buying a lake house and I’m planning to redo floors to ceilings and have all your blog posts saved for reference.

  5. This is great, I love every room!

    What color paint did you use for the office? And do you suggest Roman shades typically for bedrooms?

  6. So… are blinds out? 🙂 We’re building a house, starting from scratch, and I’m so used to blinds! Are roller shades the new blinds?

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