The Sunday 7: Future House Dreams and a Project Update

My weekly Sunday 7 post including future house planning and fashion favorites. -xo Shea

06 February 2017 -

1. Every Sunday Syd and I load the kids into the car and take a drive to explore different neighborhoods.

We have been debating back and forth about what our next home will look like. It’s funny because we’re not even building a house right now, but for some reason it feels nice to have a clear picture in mind. It will either be really dark or all white (and nothing in-between). Have I mentioned that I become completely paralyzed when it comes to making decisions for myself?! I SEE TOO MUCH!

Design by Gil Schafer 

Design by Tim Cuppett Architects

2. We were all super sick this week, but then the sun broke through the clouds and it was 50 degrees this weekend.

I never thought I’d be so excited for such a thing! I know it probably won’t last, but I still got tricked into purchasing this new spring top. 3. We released a new webisode last week and a new one will be out on Wednesday! What started as a little experiment has turned into quite the operation behind the scenes. Although we are still in the early stages of our YouTube channel, I feel so excited about its potential. Here’s a peek at what’s coming next:

4. I’ve been showing bits and pieces of our #promontoryproject on Instagram.

We will be installing it in March – I live for the last 2 months before a home is finished. After months and months of framing and dust, it feels like all the good design action happens at once. The steel panels were just added to the exterior and those beautiful windows should give you some good insight into how stunning this home will be.

5. I bought these earrings recently and I’m obsessed.

Like wear them every single day obsessed. They’re pretty and just a teeny bit punk rock at the same time.

6. I think these aprons (here and here) would make the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts!

They could be spun up in a friendly, cute, or romantic way.

7. Are you Superbowling?

I’m not exactly a diehard football fan, but I will never say no to an excuse to hang out and eat treats! Happy weekend! xoxo

Date Posted
06 February 2017