What an Interior Designer Would Wear: 5 Fashion Rules

Fashion tips can totally apply to interiors! Sharing 5 basic tips we like to stick to when decorating.

06 March 2017 -

Fashion week is wrapping up in Paris, and although interior design is a completely different industry, we still see crossover from time to time.

From the runway to the living room, we stole a few simple fashion “rules” for ourselves!

1. Invest in Classic Pieces

Like a good pair of black heels (more like flats for me), you want to invest in pieces you’ll use often and plan to have for a while. Trends come and go, but you want to put your money in heirloom quality pieces for your home. Whether that’s a show-stopping chandelier, a vintage rug, or a well-built couch, invest in pieces that you’ll love 20 years down the road.

From the Haddonfield Project

2. Don’t Walk Out of Catalog

The era of matching furniture sets is long gone. It’s all about curation! Just like you don’t want all the clothes of a single collection, you don’t want your space to be identical to a catalog picture. Where’s the fun in that? Mix higher- and lower-end pieces, different brands, and vintage and modern designs for a one-of-a-kind style.

From the Cove Street Project

3. Dress for the Weather

Just as you wouldn’t wear a white linen dress to a Christmas party in Ohio, your home’s textiles and colors should reflect the weather outside. For example, if you have a linen couch, dress it up with a cozy knit blanket in the winter. In the summer, choose lightweight fabrics and brighter colors to dress up your home.

4. Simplify

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”- Coco Chanel This advice isn’t meant to stifle creativity or restrain expression. It’s to help you be able to communicate your point of view clearly. Convey your style in a digestible, non-cluttered way. Think about grouping, unifying, and adding visual breaks.

From the Haddonfield Projects

5. Be True to Yourself

Maybe you just love that quirky antique find or want a style that’s not on everyone else’s Pinterest board. Don’t let trends or fear detract you from turning a house into your own unique home. Letting your space reflect your personal taste is timeless.

From the Lynwood Remodel

Date Posted
06 March 2017