3 Reasons to Love Metal Accessories

Reasons you need metal accessories in the home!

22 February 2017 -

We always style with metal accessories and there’s a reason for it — actually there are three!

We’re going to walk you through our love of metal accessories and why you can see them in every project and almost every vignette:

1. They add shine and visual interest

Elevate your design with visual interest through a little shine. Metal accessories add dimension, which is something we consider when we create groupings for coffee tables, bookshelves, consoles, and more. When you mix material, you’re designs look more polished and less flat.

2. They go with everything

Metals work as a transitional accessory. Use them to mix styles in your home. Mix your metal accessories with vases, boxes, and books. Make a traditional home feel a little fresher by throwing a geometric piece in the work. Or warm up a modern space with a traditional accessory.

3. You can use them to mix metals

Mixing metals makes spaces feel less flat and matchy-matchy. Add gold accessories next to a mirror, cool down a warm palette with silver, or add warmth to cool colors with gold or brass.

Date Posted
22 February 2017