How to Style a Casual Console

Versatile tips for styling your console! 

05 December 2017 -

We like to style our consoles with personality, dimension, and purpose. Every flat space is an opportunity to make your house feel like yours, and you can apply these tips almost anywhere! You can also use them for your holiday decor. We’re using the York Sideboard to show you our favorite tips for styling a casual and collected console.



Start with placing artwork that is about ⅔ the width of your furniture. We have more tips for hanging artwork here! We like to choose a piece that will command attention, while also coordinating with the rest of the decor in the room.



Next, place your anchoring pieces — like a table lamp. We place the lamp so it overlaps the artwork, so those pieces feel connected.

You know we love to add a taste of the outdoors into our designs, especially in the winter time. We used a crock full of firewood that also has an anchoring effect, and a cool antler.

Step Three

Break up the console into three sections. The biggest mistake we see is too many floating pieces, objects that look like they were just thrown on the console. Give your eye a break by grouping and paying attention to levels and height. We want things to feel connected and thoughtful, no floating decor.

For lower levels, we like to decorate with boxes. You can store your keys, coasters, lighters for candles, and use it as a drop off zone. Create height by playing with stacking books and using trays, while also using vases of varying heights. We love to choose vases that look good filled with greenery or standing alone.

Date Posted
05 December 2017