The Sunday 7 – Love and Light

Merry Christmas!!! Xo-S

24 December 2017 -

Merry Christmas!

Instead of the usual links and Sunday 7 lists, I want to say thank you for your support and wish you a week filled with lots of love and light.

I had someone tap me on the shoulder recently and say, “Oh my gosh! You’re Studio McGee! I love everything you do. It always feels so happy and bright.” For a second I chuckled to myself and thought about how photoshop certainly helps. But then I realized that light is actually a big part of our work and perspective on life. 

Light is really important to me. When I design homes, one of the first considerations is how the light will permeate the space. I love seeing sun pour through windows, but also appreciate rooms with a dimmer glow – it just has so much affect on how we feel. One of the greatest lessons I continue to learn is that we all have the opportunity to be a light. We are so blessed to feel your love everyday and hope to continue to inspire you in the coming year.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Xo, -The McGees

Photo by Kate Osborne at the   A-Frame Haus  

Photo by Kate Osborne at the  A-Frame Haus 

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24 December 2017