How to Style Your Holiday Front Door

Warm winter welcomes.

26 October 2020 -

We upped your hosting game by showing you how we style your table runners and now we’ll show you how to create a warm, inviting front door that will make guests excited to enter your home all season long. Watch for our tips, tricks, and favorite products for your front door. We also used the Fresno Outdoor Sconce because it’s complimentary for a variety of design styles and lights the porch beautifully at night.

Tip #1: Start with an indoor/outdoor rug

Not only are they durable, weather resistant, and easy to clean (all you need is to hose them off!) but they come in so many different colors and patterns at an affordable price. Shop indoor/outdoor rugs here.


Tip #2: Add in a doormat

Our doormats are designed in-house so you can only get them at McGee & Co.! Layering one over an indoor/outdoor mat really takes things up a level, and the thickness of the mats and beautiful designs make your porch feel high-end. Shop doormats here


Tip#3: Hang a wreath

We start with a hanger from a local home improvement store, and then we pick out the wreath that speaks to us.


Tip #4: Make it special and personal

Adding in details like a vintage bell and ribbon gives the wreath a personal touch.


Tip #5: Fill the space

We styled our accessories with our Holiday Greens Buckets that are handy for storing winter gear, chopped wood, and just look really pretty. We love their vintage charm. (They’re selling fast in the shop!)



Although the leaves are still falling and autumn is in full swing, the holiday season is right around the corner, and we’re already thinking about how to transition our homes to reflect the winter feelings we’re approaching.

When we think about seasonality, one of the first areas that come to mind is the front door. As the opening act of your space, the front door brings an opportunity to introduce your aesthetic and welcome a sense of festivity to your home.

Today, we’re sharing a few tried-and-true ways to style front doors for the holidays.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for a warm, winter welcome:

Tip #1: Set the scene with a doormat

Expressional doormats are the perfect way to add a little personality to your front door look. If you have extra space, add more texture by layering an indoor/outdoor mat.


How to Style Your Holiday Front Door

Tip #2: Add Greenery

From the front door to the mantel, faux greenery adds color and texture to bring festive feelings into the home effortlessly. We curate our collection of wreaths, garlands, and trees to look just like the real thing, keeping their shape and dimension when you pull them out of the box for years to come.

How to Style Your Holiday Front Door

Tip #3: Fill in the sides

Add dimension to the sides of your look with planter filled with greenery or other festive accents. We love styling wood in a pile or stacked in a basket for a rustic, festive look.

How to Style Your Holiday Front Door

Tip #5: Layer in the details

Adding in details like a vintage bell and ribbon gives the wreath a personal touch.

How to Style Your Holiday Front Door

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26 October 2020