The Sunday 7: Holiday Workshops and Lipsticks

This week's Sunday 7 is all over the map. I'm talking about a few projects wrapping up, a workshop class I taught recently, my favorite winter lipsticks, and one of the biggest lessons I've learned from our business.

13 November 2017 -

1. I just woke up from a rare Sunday nap – the kind of nap where you wake up and have no idea what time of day it is or where you are. I think I needed that. We have had a whirlwind of a week with lots of ups and downs. We’ve been running Studio McGee for 3 years now. Although that isn’t exactly a long time, it’s long enough to have learned one very important lesson: 

When one door closes, another one opens. 

I will be able to tell you exactly what I’m referring to very soon!!! Without giving too much away, I’m going to share this image that I’ve had saved on my Shops and Design Studios board (even though it’s actually a restaurant) for years:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

2. Last night I had the pleasure of teaching a table scape class and hosting a pop-up at Gathre with my friend Ashley from Tinge Floral. Our crafts are different, but we both have a fascination with layer, texture, and subtle color palettes. Last night was so fun that I’ve decided that we need to start hosting more workshops! 

Studio McGee

Studio McGee

Studio McGee

Photos by  Hunter K. Fowler

Photos by Hunter K. Fowler

3. I wore my favorite Holiday lipstick for the event! Here are the lipsticks in my main rotation right now: Russian Red. Sakura. Fan fare. Brave

4. Raise your hand if you change into leggings as soon as you get home from work (or doing anything)! I just got these and love them! 

5. Earlier this week we installed a webisode project we’ve been working on for awhile! The closet might be my favorite part?! Can’t wait to share the professional photos soon, but in the meantime…

Studio McGee


6. I’m crushing so hard on this corner of Julie Blanner’s kitchen. The winter-y branch over the hood? Genius!  Also, I will have a white LaCanche range one day! 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

7. I’m heading to California for a day trip this week to style and photograph a really beautiful project! I will leave again on Sunday night to style a project with Food Network that I’m dying to share! 

Thanks for following along. Your kind and thoughtful comments and messages mean more than you know. Xx-S

Date Posted
13 November 2017