Introducing Our First Ever McGee & Co. Catalogue!

Take a glimpse into our winter catalog, and get access to the online version! 

15 November 2017 -

We’ve been teasing and teasing you guys with photos and glimpses of our Winter Catalogue. It has been a dream for quite some time to have our own catalogue and see the Studio McGee design come to life both digitally and in print. I still can’t believe we actually get to hold it in our hands, and we’re equally excited to release the digital version today! It’s interactive with videos and links to the product.

If you signed up, you should check your mailbox!!! It should be there this week. This video is an introduction to what you can expect in the catalog, and a peek into the whole process. Click here to view the digital version. (It’s best viewed in full screen mode!) 

Date Posted
15 November 2017