The Sunday 7: Pivot Points and Take A Stand

Every week I share 7 things that range from insight into our business and life; to home, style, and ways to make life beautiful for ourselves and those around us. Xo-S

08 October 2017 -

1. I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of always feeling a little uncomfortable with where you’re at – I think that it’s what keeps us moving forward and progressing. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, but there is so much more that we are itching to create! I believe our next pivot point is coming soon and that next year is going to be a big one. What’s it going to be?! Brick and mortar retail? Designing our own home? Hospitality? TV? The unknown is both scary and exciting.

2. Speaking of pivot points, we have transitioned into only taking full home build/remodel projects and I’m dying to share what we’ve been up to…many of them are in the phase right before all the fun stuff starts getting installed. This custom poured fireplace hearth and surround just went in and I’m in love! If you look closely, you’ll see that we alternated the sizes of the shiplap:

Studio McGee

3. We just added a ton of new arrivals at McGee & Co. – decor, art, furniture, and lighting. Hard to pick favorites, but here are a few that are definitely noteworthy:

4. I can’t get my head out of the gutter. Literally. I’ve recently become obsessed with weathered zinc half round gutters. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I am a nerd. Yes, I’m determined to have them on our home one day.

5. Sooo many DMs about the jumpsuit I was wearing in our stories last week. I often find that jumpsuits make me look frumpy, but this one is so flattering. I like to pair it with a feminine top and preppy shoes like loafers or oxfords.

6. We’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people. Some of our very favorite clients recently decided to shift their focus from the huge business they built to helping victims of domestic violence. When they reached out and asked if I would help spread the word about the Take a Stand campaign, it was a no-brainer. As someone who feels so strongly about making homes a good place to be, it angers me that home is not a safe haven for so many. You can take a stand with me by spreading awareness and contributing here.


7. Also, I’m sure that beanie is going to get a lot of wear. It’s my favorite color of the season!


Date Posted
08 October 2017