Matte Black Hardware Round-UP
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Matte Black Hardware Round-UP

Check out our favorite matte black hardware!

When it comes to selecting black hardware, there are a few routes to go. Depending on the nature of the project, we'll decide if we want a more clean and modern approach, or a more rustic, traditional approach.

For rustic drawer pulls, we like to go with oil-rubbed bronze, which is a black finish with a bit of a gold/bronze hue showing through. It definitely has a patina that will show more of the gold hues as time goes on. If you prefer the more clean, true black, you'll want to stick with matte black or flat black finishes. If you are in the true black category, look no further because today we have a round-up of our favorite matte black cabinet hardware.


Design by Nikie Barfield


Design by Simo Design


Design by Nicole Hollis


From our Windsong Project


From our Modern Mountain Home


From our Modern Mountain Home


From our Park City Canyons Remodel


Design by Whittney Parkinson Design


Design by Arent & Pyke


From our Vineyard Parade Home


Design by Brooke Wagner Design


From our Modern Mountain Home Project


From our Windsong Project

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Studio McGee
  1. You are a TRUE hero for this post. I’m in the middle of a kitchen reno and "buy black hardware" is at the top of my to-do list this week (along with "buy black faucet"!) Thank you so, so much! What incredible timing.

  2. Just wondering where you got the shower curtain and rug that appears in the bathroom of your Vineyard project. Thank you!

  3. I just love the pulls used in the modern mountain house bath, but I dont see them listed. Any chance you would please share the source? Busting into our bath tomorrow and hardware is must on my to do list

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