The Sunday 7: Catching Up

After 2 (maybe 3) week hiatus, my Sunday 7 is back! Xo-S

29 October 2017 -

1. Hi! It’s been awhile! I’m just trying to survive this busy time right now. So. Much. Travel. Thankfully last week we were able to bring the whole family with us! We had 2 work events and then just played at the pool and ate fish tacos every single day. If I could choose one meal for the rest of my life the decision would be easy…diet coke, chips, and guac. HA.

2. Our first event was with Gathre for the launch of the bonded leather (wipeable) tablecloths we designed with them. It was on the Montage lawn overlooking the ocean and the views were insane! 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7


3. We also got to meet some Instagram friends in real life! Brandon Architects invited us down to attend the CDM Home Tour with them. They’re a husband wife team but with flip-flopped roles from Syd and me. I’ve always admired their work and it was so fun to see a few of their projects in person. The home tour was great to see what trends are stronger than others in a different part of the country. We design homes all over and I love seeing how location influences design. One thing I thought was interesting was the lack of warm metals like brass and copper (very surprising to me), but tons of rift sawn white oak cabinets and accents which is something we’ve seen a big resurgence of everywhere. You’re not supposed to take pictures, but I snuck this one…I’m in love with the dark shingles and huge steel window! Our faces were melting off because it was 100 degrees. 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7


Skirt | Tee | Earrings

4. I lost my sunglasses on our trip and just had to buy some new ones. I’m addicted to two things in life. You read about the diet coke above. The other addiction is buying sunglasses. Here are some of my favorites:

5. This week was insane for our team trying to get our first ever McGee & Co. catalogue finalized and out the door. AND we launched our newest collection of textiles!!!  And don’t worry, if you missed the signup period for the catalogue, we’ll be releasing the digital version that will have videos included!

6. We celebrated our 9th anniversary this week by flying home from our trip with a screaming (almost) 2 year old. Seems fitting for this phase of life 😉 Here’s a photo that almost made the cover: 

Studio McGee

7. We’re building a house. I should actually say, “WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE.” I almost don’t want to even talk about about it because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it. We’re still in the plans phase and I am quickly discovering that I am my own worst client and loving every minute of it. What I do know is that the style will blend our love for the mountains and the coast. I think this picture sums the direction up beautifully with the putty colored cabinets, warm hardware, and natural textures:

Have a great week! Xo-S

Date Posted
29 October 2017