U Street Project Reveal

The full tour of our U Street Project Bathroom!

02 February 2017 -

Our clients recently moved into an older house in a charming Salt Lake City neighborhood called the Avenues.

The home was full of character and charm, but in drastic need of updating! It lacked a true “master’s suite,” so it was our job to create one! You can see more of the process and behind the scenes in our webisode!


The bathroom was covered in ivy wallpaper and black mold, which obviously needed to go! Our client and his dad did the demo themselves. While they were remodeling their upstairs, the couple lived in the basement.


There was a long list of wants for this project — a tub, shower with benches, and a double vanity. We had to be creative with a brand new layout to fit everything!

We wanted to keep the traditional roots that came with this home and update it with modern touches.

Our client wanted a white bathroom with a lot of marble, which could easily look too cold. By adding a variety of texture and textiles, we warmed up the bathroom with accessories from McGee & Co.  Choosing a rug that’s not traditionally in the bathroom gives the place a very curated, luxurious feeling. The Venice Rug is traditional, vintage, and so soft. The muted colors complements the bright marble and white details in the rest of the bathroom.

Adding a decorative ladder in the bathroom gave the space more texture, while functioning as a place to hang towels. It filled an empty space in such a beautiful way, especially with a hand-spun linen hatch towel hanging on it.

Not only were these Sandalwood Soaps a beautiful accessory with their amazing packaging, but the one-note fragrance is cozy and serene. Perfect for a bathroom!

We added a simple ceramic vase and a touch of gold to match the hardware with a Monokle candle. We love those candles! We recommend the Sea Salt and White Clove and the Black Amber and Cedar for the bathroom. They smell so clean and fresh. We’ve been burning them in the office and a lot of us that usually get migraines from scented candles, don’t get them with these!

Here we layered our small grey striped tray on our large thin striped tray to add subtle pattern and liven up the countertop. We love the packaging on this Barr-Co. soap! We like leaving the packaging on so it works as a decoration, plus the bar won’t get dusty!

We played with scale in by using a marble hexagon tile in the bathroom and mirroring it with a smaller size in the shower.

With it’s rich amber tones and tortoise shell pattern, this vase adds a depth and warmth to this all white corner. Don’t miss the pile of natural sea sponges that provide visual interest and work as great cleansers in the bath and shower!

Date Posted
02 February 2017