Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide
03/08 Design Tips

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

Our tips and tricks on how to place hardware!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again –

hardware is an easy way to make a big impact in your space! Whether it’s swapping dated hardware for something new or picking cabinet hardware for a brand new space, it adds so much to the overall design.

However, when the hardware is poorly placed, it can make an otherwise awesome space look off. That’s why we’ve decided to pull together our best tips for making sure you place your hardware correctly. We know that placing knobs and pulls on cabinets can be difficult. Following these tips will help you make your awesome new hardware really shine!

Tip #1

In traditional spaces, the general rule to follow is knobs on doors and pulls on drawers. Sometimes we’ll break this rule for small drawers or small spaces, like bathrooms!

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From The Sunset House

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Cove Remodel

Tip #2

For transitional and modern spaces, knobs and pulls can be used interchangeably. Sleek pulls all over are a great option for a more modern look.

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide
Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Beckham Project

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Cove Remodel

Tip #3

When drawers are 24″ wide or wider, we often like to double up on knobs or pulls. To place this hardware correctly, divide the drawer into thirds and place the hardware in the left and right portions of the drawer.

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Calabasas Remodel

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Northridge Remodel

Tip #4

For built-in refrigerators, make sure to purchase appliance pulls. This will ensure your pulls are proportional to the larger paneled doors and drawers.

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Cabin on the Lake Project

Tip #5

There are a few different approaches to take when installing knobs. For a more current/modern feel, place the knobs so the bottom of the knob (in upper cabinetry) and the top of the knob (in base cabinetry) is flush with the edge of the frame.

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Cove Remodel

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our California Traditional Project

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

From our Northridge Remodel

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Studio McGee
  1. This is SUPER helpful! It’s the little things you don’t think about until you’re right in the middle of having the make that decision! Thanks for this!

  2. Excellent post. Thank you. Could you also do a post on positioning of towel racks and toilet paper holders in bathrooms? I know there is measured placements for the toilet paper but do you recommend the wall or the side of the vanity when you have a choice?

  3. Thank you so much for this post! We are currently building a house and will be installing the hardware ourselves and I never even knew their was a "right" way to do it! This is sooooo helpful!!! xo

  4. Hi,
    Could you share the manufacturer of the blue Windsong bathroom vanity? Its absolutely beautiful. I have been having a hard time finding vanities that go to the floor! Thank you

  5. Oh boy – this was just what I needed! The contractor is here and the knobs and pulls are about to be installed!So, super helpful – Love you guys!

  6. Thanks for all the advice. I was clueless and I am grateful I had somewhere to turn for the answer. I am doing a DIY bathroom project and the vanity never had any hardware on it. It’s good to have some guidelines. The pictures are beautiful too.

  7. Any suggestions for the size of pull for the cabinet length in bathroom? I’ve read 1/3 size of the drawer. For example, a 24 inch door panel would get an 8 inch pull; does this seem correct? THANKS!

  8. My husband and I were having an issue with whether to put pulls on a drawer or knobs. You had a great explaination. My husband won the argument. I was wrong. Thanks again it was very helpful to know where to place knobs and pulls.

  9. What about on the "false" flip out drawers directly under the sink area; do you add hardware to those? Or better yet, would it look awkward if you DID add hardware?

  10. When you have upper and lower cabinets, lower knobs go towards the top? And the top doors get knobs on the lower part of door or middle ?

  11. Love your design. The dark bathroom cabinets against the marble and light walls look amazing. thanks for the tips on hardware placement!

  12. Thanks for the post! I am going to replace the knobs in our kitchen with pulls on the drawers. I have different sized drawers throughout the kitchen, will I adjust the size of the pulls for each drawer (smaller drawer=smaller pull?) or will I keep them all the same? Thanks so much for any help with this!

  13. What size should my appliance pulls be? Should you match your fridge door pulls to your bottom freezer pull or should you do a smaller freezer pull based on the 1/3 rule? Should your dishwasher pull follow the same rule? 8” pull for a 24” dishwasher?

  14. How far from the edge should you put your pulls if the doors are slab front with no shaker style frame?

  15. We will be painting and putting new hardware on our first home in less than 2 weeks, so this was a timely and helpful read! Thank you! XOXO

  16. These are ALL stunning. I was hoping to find a finger pull to educate myself regarding placement. I purchased 5" finger pulls for my drawers in my kitchen and 1 1/4" for my top cabinet. I never thought about placement for the 1 1/4" finger pulls for the upper doors. I’m in a quandary. They have to be morticed in and my builder is asking for placement. YIKES>. Would you suggest under the cabinet door upside down or on the side of the doors near the bottom corners? Thank you.

  17. Would it look wrong to put kitchen cabinet handles on a 45゚ angle as opposed to either vertical or horizontal mounting?

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