How To Mix & Match Pillow Patterns
08/07 Design Tips

How To Mix & Match Pillow Patterns

Sharing our top-secret, go-to formula.

Mixing and matching pillow patterns is one of those things that sounds simple, but once you start trying to put a combination together, it can feel next to impossible. 

We get it, we've been there! 

But before you throw your hands up in the air and choose four of the same styles because it's easier, read this. 

We're going to share our top-secret, go-to formula for mixing and matching pillow patterns. 

Even when we're not consciously paying attention to the "pillow" rules, our schemes end up in this combination. It just works! This process can be applied to both fabric schemes for pillows and whole room designs. 

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Here's how we do it: 

  1. Identify a color scheme

Which colors are you drawn to? Which accent colors do you want to pull out from your current home design? Maybe it's a tone on a piece of artwork in your living room, or something contrasting but complimenting! Once you identify a color scheme, see where it takes you and allow it to pivot. If you fall in love with a pillow first, try building your color scheme off of that!  

How To Mix & Match Pillow Patterns

2. Start with the Organic print 

This pattern has movement, curves, and is inspired by nature. Its print is often multi-colored (but it doesn't have to be).

How To Mix & Match Pillow Patterns

3. Move to the Geometric 

Lines, grids, and repetition. This balances out the movement of the organic print.   

4. Pick something with contrasting Scale

Really large or really small, just make sure the print size is a stark contrast to one of the others selected. 

How To Mix & Match Pillow Patterns

5. Texture

This is something we see a lot of pillow schemes missing! Velvets, metallics, furs, and embroideries add much-needed warmth to any design.

How To Mix & Match Pillow Patterns

Styling tip: Once you select your pillows, screenshot photos of them and pull them up next to each other! That way, you can see how they look next to each other and switch them out accordingly. 

Like we said, this method of mixing patterns can be applied to a lot of different areas of design. Read our recent post on mixing rugs in the same open-concept space here. 


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