10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
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10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

Inspiration for a retreat-like bedroom space

Your bedroom space should inspire peace and relaxation…

but creating a retreat-like atmosphere can be easier said than done. When starting the process of designing any space, we like to look for imagery, materials, and even colors in nature that draw us in, and today, we’re excited to break down ten of our favorite bedroom looks in hopes of inspiring you; too!

Although each of these spaces is different, they all bring a feeling of serenity through layered textural details, calming material palettes, and thoughtful styling touches.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites from our latest projects and read about the design principles that bring them to life.

No. 1: Mountainside Retreat Primary Suite 

In our recent Mountainside Retreat project, we designed a primary suite for our clients that brings many of our favorite design elements together. Our clients wanted to keep their color palette minimal throughout their home, but since we had a lot of white walls in the gathering spaces, we knew we wanted to bring a new dimension to the bedroom.

We chose a grasscloth wallpaper that set the mood and brought so much coziness and character to the space and layered in light materials and pieces to balance it out. Modern lighting fixtures are softened by an upholstered bed, a few beautiful vintage accents, and of course, sweeping views of the stunning mountains surrounding the home.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

Mountainside suite pieces

Comfortable staple pieces create a warm, lived-in feeling in this mountainside suite.
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Holden Swivel Chair
Hackney Floor Lamp
Beck Leather Stool
White Washed Ceramic Pot
Maison Louis Marie Candle
Leather Wrapped Clock
Marble Handle Catch-All Dish
Natural Cane Box
Nox Sconce
Glazed Stoneware Planter
Aubree Dresser
Wylie Arched Mirror
Lineham Table Lamp
Metal Easel

No. 2: Home on The Ranch Retreat  

Inspired by its wide and open landscape surroundings, this home’s warm and minimal palette carries through the bedroom with light and bright layered materials. When conceptualizing this space, it was important to our client that it felt welcoming and open, and we love how the tall ceilings introduce a luxurious feeling as soon as you walk in.

One of our favorite elements is the inky blue bench at the edge of the bed, providing extra seating and contrasting the warm wood and textile tones. Vintage-inspired artwork hanging above the left side of the nightstand brings an unexpected styling moment, while layered patterned textiles add personality and color.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The Home on the Ranch bedroom look

Dimensional and streamlined pieces create a dreamy setting in this primary bedroom.
Explore the look
Huxton Dresser
Walt Bed
Alma Chair
Alma Ottoman
Larson Floor Lamp
Mediterranean Faux Olive Tree
Ace Nightstand
Hudson Swing Arm Sconce
Vilmar Floor Mirror
Ackley Leather Ottoman
Leather Crafted Tray
Marble Handle Catch-All Dish

No. 3: Rye NY  

This home’s stunning lake view in Rye, NY, was the star of the show, and in designing this bedroom, we knew we wanted to keep the pieces low-profile and minimal to keep the focus on the beautiful water.

Angular shapes used in the lighting and artwork compliment and draw attention to the windows, while cozy layered textiles and seating soften the lines and bring a feeling of comfort.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

Rye NY master suite pieces

Modern & minimal pieces draw attention to stunning lake views while textured layers soften the space.
More bedroom favorites
Ona Chair
Entering Shape 1
Hollis Glass Vase

No. 4: The McGee Home  

If you’ve seen our Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover, you might remember part of the design process for designing this dreamy primary bedroom in The McGee Home. Tall ceilings set the scene for one of our favorite McGee & Co. beds in a moss green upholstery, a vintage rug, and a mix of delicate and modern elements.

When we first started designing this home, we knew we wanted to incorporate something we had always dreamed about in our bedroom: a fireplace and mantel! Complete with a comfortable upholstered swivel chair, this is the perfect cozy reading nook and one of the spots Shea wrote a lot of her and Syd’s book, Make Life Beautiful!

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The McGee's primary bedroom look

Delicate and modern elements balance this light and open space.
More bedroom pieces
Hoffman Bed
Flint Pillow Cover
Huxton Dresser
Adamson Bench
Pierre Double Nightstand
Silana Swivel Chair
Beck Leather Stool
Ojai Single Sconce
Sketched Figure
Moresby Floor Lamp
Meridian Hand-Knotted Rug
Willy Pillow Cover
Fringed Alpaca Throw
Toulon Table Lamp

No. 4: Crestview House  

This home was a top-to-bottom remodel in sunny Southern California, and although it had some great bones and views, we ended up building into the ceiling as high as we could to create a more spacious and open feeling.

Our clients wanted this space to feel as calming as possible, and we knew we wanted to draw attention to the beautiful backyard seen through those amazing black windows. Complete with lots of extra seating space, a few vintage layers, and an abundant mix of textures, this suite perfectly emulates its retreat-like surroundings.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The Crestview House bedroom look

Textural time-worn pieces reflect this home's calming natural surroundings.
Explore pieces
Walt Bed
Jamille Woven Pillow Cover
Sateen Goose Down Comforter
Fringed Alpaca Throw
Holden Swivel Chair
Village Impression

No. 5: Beckham Project  

We designed the Beckham Project as a spec home, so the pieces needed to appeal to lots of different styles and enhance the home’s beautiful build and construction.

We created a lived-in feeling by blending warm and cool tones through the textiles and pieces and adding artwork and decor accents to bring the space to life.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The Beckham Project bedroom pieces

Versatile and detailed pieces bring this open bedroom space to life.
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Zaragoza Rug
Go Lightly Medium Chandelier
Walt Bed
Eloise Woven Bench
Malta Table Lamp
Kelan 2-Drawer Nightstand
Alma Chair
Alma Ottoman
Herbarium Study III
Herbarium Study II
Herbarium Study I

No. 6: Pine Brook Home  

The patterned elements set the tone for this bedroom space, complete with an upholstered bed, wicker bench, and detailed reading nook with wood and gold accents. A long horizontal artwork piece ties the room together and brings a serene feeling to this master suite.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

Pine Brook Home primary suite pieces

Patterned and textural elements set the tone for this cozy bedroom space.
Bedroom furniture favorites
Faris Bed
Odelia Bench
Wilshire Rug
Mia Floor Lamp
Huxton Nightstand

No. 7: SM Ranch House  

Wood beams set the tone for this stunning primary bedroom suite, and large windows draw the eye up to the shiplap ceiling. We mixed modern and traditional elements in this space with structured lamps, open nightstands, and a few vintage artwork pieces.  

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The SM Ranch House bedroom look

A blend of modern and traditional elements makes this mountain home primary suite a dimensional retreat.
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Cornice Large Hanging Lantern
Meridian Hand-Knotted Rug
Brooks Table Lamp
Burl Box
Earthy Textured Pot

No. 8: Dream Home Makeover — Ramos Family  

We designed this primary bedroom for one of our clients featured in “Dream Home Makeover” by mixing their two different style preferences to create a cozy bedroom space that they both loved. A blend of textures and earth-toned hues gives this room a cool and relaxed feeling to this curated space.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The Ramos's Family bedroom look

A blend of textures and earth-toned hues gives this room a cool and relaxed feeling to this curated space.
See more bedroom pieces
Figure Sketch
Leather Crafted Tray
Uli Dresser

No. 9: Dream Home MakeoverThe Stone Family  

You may recognize this bedroom space and its coastal-inspired look from “Dream Home Makeover,” and we love how calming and playful it feels. Our clients wanted this room to feel like their favorite tropical vacation spot, so we worked with a coastal color palette, textural elements, and a few personal touches like the framed tea cloth they collected in their travels.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

The Stone Family primary suite pieces

Coastal color and textural elements bring our client's favorite vacation spot to their everyday.
More bedroom pieces
Josiah Double Nightstand
Cade Sofa
Toulon Table Lamp
Pacific Natural
Salt + Sea Candle
Marble Pinstripe Frame

No. 10: A Calm & Collected bedroom space 

In this bedroom space we styled for McGee & Co.’s 2021 Winter Collection, we incorporated a few of our favorite pieces to complement to home’s character and the bedroom’s amazing wooden accents.

The textural Greely bed sets the scene and brings an unexpected woven element to the bed’s headboard, allowing the repetitive patterns and natural textures to draw the eye in and complete the look.

10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks
10 Swoon Worthy Bedroom Looks

A Calm & Collected bedroom space look

Detailed pieces, mixed patterns and natural materials draw the eye in to complete this bedroom look.
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Roslin Hand-Knotted Rug
Mackenna Nightstand
Macy Ottoman
Stripe Gauze Quilt
Boyd Pillow Cover
Diana Coverlet
Ruffle Linen Sham
Greely Bed
Posey Table Clock
Opal Pillow Cover
Reta Floor Mirror
Balsam & Fir Candle
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